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We would love for you to share pics and videos of special moments, random acts of kindness, blessings, talent, ideas, sports, inventions, activities, moments, businesses, charities and creativity. Write it in the sand, draw it on the window of a car. take a pic of you sporting our Rep’n gear or even sitting at your desk making phone calls, Share how Greatness has touched your life. We would love to hear your stories from every city, every state and country. Let the world know how you Rep!

Terms and conditions of submissions
*Submissions must be respectable and appropriate for all ages. All pics and videos are subject to prior approval prior to posting on our site.
*By submitting your picture(s) or video(s) you agree that you have legal right to submit and are adhering to copyright laws. You further agree to allow use of your picture(s) and or video(s) on our site, promotion(s) or commercial advertisement(s).
*All submissions are voluntary and there is no compensation agreed to or promised unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

Coming soon your shared stories of representing Greatness!

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The sales of our merchandise and donations allow us to help those who are struggling with life circumstances such as hunger, clothing and shelter.

All things are possible through Christ who strengthens us.

This means we are all conquers as Christ followers. Faith to believe, strength to succeed.

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